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I visited SoCal recently, and one of my stops i made was to Greaskull Alley, Fonzy’s tattoo/airbrush studio. My homie and big artist ask for some ink n pain. The photographer Ricky J Hernandez was there to get some cool photo and video about me tattooing Fonzy, so check that out. Enjoy.Ricky-J-Hernandez-Portrait-of-Italian-tattoo-artist-Macko-and-Fo

e3fe7102230b11e38df322000a9e48a8_7Macko n Fonzy…got greaskull?! Full story at



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South Italian artist Macko is legendary in the culture for his traditional West Coast style of art. Having tattooed Estevan Oriol’s iconic imagery onto his clientele for years, this interview was the first time Macko and Oriol met up in person to talk about Chicano styles in Europe.

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Windows to the soul

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When I know your soul, I will paint your eyes. Amedeo Modigliani cit.

Portraits are some of my favorite. You have the opportunity to be really close with the collectors, because they put all the trust in you, and they have the maximun expectation. Personally, during those work, looking to the eyes of the person in the pics for hours and hours, I can fill them emotion or them suffering. There Is something magic, because, as Modigliani says, through the eyes you can know the soul. Here few of my latest portraits in the rotation. 6de3abd6205911e3b8e422000ae90193_7 174c03ce1e3611e393a222000a1fb70a_7 8bac21de1fdc11e3ac8422000a1fbf16_7291984ea1f1811e3870c22000aa803ac_7Mackovelli

Vatican studio

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“California – Still the only place for me that never rains in the sun and everybody got love, cit 2pac”. Yeah, but in california not everybody come for women weed n weather. For me is a place for maximize my inspiration and meet some really good friends. There are places in Cali where the time is scanned by the tattoo machine’s sound, places where the art of black n grey been borning and continues to evolve. In my last trip in cali i got the change to work side by side whit who, from 20 years, keeps up the the b’n’g works, my paisan Franco Vescovi, there in Lake Forest OC at Vatican tattoo shop. Is a magic studio, you can fill the taste of the classic arts and the love for our job. Franco is an international artist and owner of his selfmade project Bishop Rotary, the machine that I use n support. We spent great moments and did some great tattoo, inspiring each other!

franco4During those days Daniel from Tustin and Sebastien from Montreal came for add more inks at they collection, let me know what u think.franco1 franco3 franco5Also got the good opportunity to do somenthing cool for our homie and respectable photografer, Estevan Oriol. He came to fimling a new capter of Tattoo Stories on Sanctioned tv, a new web tv project with Mr Cartoon. A must follow channel on youtube for some stories about LA, art, tattoo, lowrider and skid row.


Thank u for the support n love. Mackovelli

Tattoo trade stories | Time is on my side

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Time for a good trade once again. During my trip in Cali last August, I got the change to tattoo a good friend and a must respectable artist Fonzy, at his sick shop on Harbor blvd in fonzy3Time is on my side…yes it is homie. Thank u for the trust and see u soon in London.


Evolution of the ink

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Over the years I’ve been looking to the tradition of the style to find the way of improvement, inspiration and growth, but every now and then you come across wisdom that changes everything. You find yourself again at the crossroads, unlearning everything you learn and reconditioning not just what you think about, but the way you think. This is something that is sadly not taught in schools, and lessons that can only be learned through experience.

1175142_4751715329139_2144752988_nLeft piece is 5 years already, the twilight of my journey into the black n grey, on the right is the last one i did. Keep your mind always focused.

chicano tattooMACKOVELLI

Milano city week

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Just done my regular monthly week as a guest at Milan city Ink. Working on some new projects and putting more ink in a couple of old works. Milan City ink is the main tattoo studio in the North Italy, check it out this sick shop and his amazing artist list. Is the location as well of the new documentary tattoo show of Discovery channel Dmax.