Vatican studio

“California – Still the only place for me that never rains in the sun and everybody got love, cit 2pac”. Yeah, but in california not everybody come for women weed n weather. For me is a place for maximize my inspiration and meet some really good friends. There are places in Cali where the time is scanned by the tattoo machine’s sound, places where the art of black n grey been borning and continues to evolve. In my last trip in cali i got the change to work side by side whit who, from 20 years, keeps up the the b’n’g works, my paisan Franco Vescovi, there in Lake Forest OC at Vatican tattoo shop. Is a magic studio, you can fill the taste of the classic arts and the love for our job. Franco is an international artist and owner of his selfmade project Bishop Rotary, the machine that I use n support. We spent great moments and did some great tattoo, inspiring each other!

franco4During those days Daniel from Tustin and Sebastien from Montreal came for add more inks at they collection, let me know what u think.franco1 franco3 franco5Also got the good opportunity to do somenthing cool for our homie and respectable photografer, Estevan Oriol. He came to fimling a new capter of Tattoo Stories on Sanctioned tv, a new web tv project with Mr Cartoon. A must follow channel on youtube for some stories about LA, art, tattoo, lowrider and skid row.


Thank u for the support n love. Mackovelli


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